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If you or a loved one has been in an accident, seeking compensation becomes crucial to cover damages and medical bills. However, legal fees are an extra burden when dealing with other expenses. But if you are concerned about the costs but still want to file a claim, we recommend contacting one of our “No Win, No Fee” lawyers in Brisbane.
At QLD PI Lawyers, we understand that paying legal fees while going through such challenging times can be difficult. That is why we have implemented a “no win, no fee” policy, aiming to reduce the financial burden and make it easier for you to seek the legal assistance required. Our No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers are highly qualified with years of experience. We will help you get the entitled compensation on time.

Hire the Best No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Brisbane

QLD PI Lawyers have years of experience in handling personal injury claims. We know how difficult it can be to deal with the stress of fighting for rightful compensation – doubly so if you’re still recovering from injuries! That’s why we have No Win, No Pay lawyers to give our clients peace of mind while handling their claims.
You may wonder, “What does no win, no fee mean?” Simply put, if we don’t win your personal injury claim, you don’t have to pay us anything. Until your claim is resolved and you receive compensation, you don’t have to pay us for legal fees and other claim-related expenses. No matter your financial situation, this policy will apply to you if we handle your case! We also have no win, no fee lawyers in Gold Coast.

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How Can Our No Win, No Pay Lawyers Help You?

If you or a family member have suffered a personal injury due to an accident or an act of negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation from the concerned party.  Our No Win, No Pay solicitors are experienced and qualified to help you recover sufficient damages caused by your accident. 

We can help you with the following claims:

Workplace Injury Claims

If you suffered an injury at your workplace due to negligence from management, you can claim compensation for your damages. Our No Win, No Fee personal injury lawyers are experts in this field and can help you win your claim.

Superannuation Claims From TPD

If you have been unable to go to work for more than three months due to suffering from a total or partial disability, then you are liable to make a TPD claim from your superannuation fund. This can help you support your family through the difficult times. We have TPD specialists among our team of No Win, No Pay lawyers who will evaluate your case and help you make a successful claim.

Motorbike and Car Accidents

Being in a motorbike or car accident could lead to devastating consequences. Even after the riders have taken the required precautions, like wearing a helmet or putting on the seatbelt, being involved in a road collision could lead to serious physical injuries. Victims can file a claim to cover the steep medical bills against responsible parties such as negligent drivers or vehicle insurers.

Slip and Fall Claims

If you slipped and fell, you may sustain serious injuries that would need medical care. If the fall happened in a public space and was due to the negligence of another party, you will be liable to claim compensation from them. For example, if you fell at the mall due to the administration failing to put up a sign wet floor ahead. Search for “No Win, No fee Lawyers near me” to seek legal help.

Why Choose Our No Win, No Fee Lawyers?

At QLD PI Lawyers, we give top priority to our clients. We work with transparency and carefully scrutinise a case’s details. Our legal experts take time to evaluate the merits of your claim and only accept a case when we feel satisfied with winning. We are so confident in our skills that our firm has a strict “no win no fee” policy.
Our No Win, No Fee lawyers have years of experience and practical knowledge. Having been in the field for so long, they have many tricks up their sleeve to handle each problem as it comes. They have the expertise to deal with any of the legal complexities that may arise.
Navigating the paths of law can be daunting, especially if this is your first time doing it. Our team helps you chart this unexpected course without any major interruptions. We are there to guide you every step of the way. Our first aim is to always go for an out-of-court settlement. But if no agreement can be reached, our lawyers are skilled enough to win any case that goes to court.
If you or a loved one have suffered from a personal injury and are considering filing a compensation claim, contact our No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Brisbane today.

FAQs About No Win, No Fee Solicitor Services

Curious about how this policy works and how much you’ll have to pay when your case is finally settled? We’ve listed answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received from satisfied customers.

There are only two instances where our “no win no fee” policy will cease to apply. The first is if we find out you’ve materially lied about your claim’s circumstances, and the second is if you gave fraudulent instructions. If either or both of these conditions are present, we reserve our right to immediately claim all outlays and fees before your case is settled.

Apart from those two cases, our “no win no fee” will apply to all personal injury claims handled by our law firm!

Yes. This policy isn’t a one-time offer that can only be used once by a customer. We use this policy for each and every case that you consult us on, so you can rest assured that your finances will not suffer while we work on your claim.

Typically, many firms calculate legal fees by taking a percentage of the awarded compensation. However, at QLD PI, our “no win, no pay” lawyers charge a competitive rate instead. These rates will be computed based on the expertise level, experience, and qualifications of the lawyer assigned to handle your claim.

As an extra assurance for our clients, we also maintain a fee cap, which is the highest percentage that we can claim from your settlement as lawyer’s fees.

Our fee cap is 30% plus outlays, which is lower than the 50% typically quoted by other law firms. The maximum we will ever claim will be that percentage. If there’s a difference between our competitive rate and the 30% fee cap, you will always be charged the smaller amount. This is to protect your settlement, and to always ensure that you walk away with the most compensation to secure your financial future.

Outlays are expenses that we cover which are incurred as your claim progresses. This is so you don’t have to pay them out of pocket before your case gets resolved. Examples of typical outlays include:

  • Barrister’s fees
  • Minor administration fees
  • Report fees; ex: reports related to your medical or psychological history
  • Expert consultation fees

These are charged at the end of your case so you don’t have to worry about paying consultations fees while facing an uncertain financial future.

No. Unlike other firms, we don’t charge interest on the outlays which we’ve covered for you.
A “No Win, No Fee” is where you pay no upfront costs for your claim including expenses. If the claim is not successful, the client is not liable to pay any contingency fee for the lawyer’s services. You will not have to bear the charges of court, medical report record expenses, and other additional costs.
Yes, the “No Win, No Fee” lawyers are legal and ensure to take the fees or charges only on winning the case. If the outcome is unsuccessful, the client will be saved from paying any extra fees or court expenses. It generates trust in the lawyer that they do not cost you for legal representation and unsuccessful cases.

You should visit a reputable law firm that hires qualified lawyers. It is best to choose professionals having years of experience and reputation in the industry. They can help the injured to get the assured or expected cost of compensation claim.

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