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Qualified Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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    Road or motor vehicle accidents can be a life-changing unfortunate event, leaving you with physical injuries and mental stress. Deciding the steps further may seem challenging and overwhelming. If you’ve been involved in a road or motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries due to the mishap, you may be entitled to motor vehicle accident claim compensation benefits. Our qualified and experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through the entire claim compensation process. Leave the legal process to us while you focus on your recovery.

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    Expert Legal Advice from Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers QLD

    Motor vehicle accidents can often lead to several physical or psychological injuries – from a brain or spinal cord injury, fractures, whiplash, and scaring to soft tissue or nervous system injuries. Road accidents are common in Queensland with more than 1000 causalities happening every year. Fortunately, individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident can claim compensation against the injuries caused by the at-fault party through CTP (Compulsory Third Party) scheme. However, the steps involved to claim CTP insurance can be complex and challenging. One error or mistake can delay the claim compensation process. In such cases, you should always consider the assistance of a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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    Our qualified and experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers are well-versed in the entire claim compensation process and will assist you through the procedure thoroughly. We provide our legal expertise to help individuals get their rightfully entitled claim over motor vehicle accident claims. Our team of motor vehicle and car accident lawyers will work with you to understand your case and provide sound legal advice to ensure a successful accidental claim compensation.

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    What Can I Claim for in Motor Vehicle Accident and When?

    Individuals can claim for various circumstances. Some common situations where you can claim compensation are:

    • Suffered injuries in any motor vehicle while driving (car, motorcycle, quad bike, or tractors)
    • A passenger suffered injuries while on the road
    • A pedestrian or cyclist injured by a vehicle
    • Suffered injuries while travelling on a public transport
    • Suffered psychological trauma after knowing a family member has been fatally injured

    If you’re going through any of the above-mentioned circumstances, the most viable thing to do is understand the possible options by considering the assistance of legal experts. Additionally, keep in mind that there is a strict time limit to apply for claim compensation which should be lodged within 9 months of the accident date. In the case of over 9 months, you should seek immediate legal advice and assistance.


    The following is an overview of the CTP claims process:

    1. Complete & submit claim
    2. Lodgement confirmation
    3. Rehabilitation & Treatment
    4. Liability assessment
    5. Insurer obtains information
    6. Injury stablised
    7. Claim negotiation
    8. Claim settlement

    QLD PI Lawyers can provide the services and support of lawyers with particular expertise in handling Motor Vehicle Accident claims to help you navigate the CTP claims process.

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      What Am I Entitled to Under CTP Insurance?

      If you’ve suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely to be entitled to compensation under the CTP insurance policy. The entitlements for compensation can be for the following:

      • Medical expenses and care
      • Loss of income
      • Lump-sum benefits (on impairment)
      • Other expenses such as domestic care and rehabilitation equipment

      Individuals who cannot work due to physical injury or mental trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to some additional disability benefits through other insurance policies in superannuation.

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      How Much Can I Claim for My Injuries Following a Motor Vehicle Accident?

      The amount of compensation a person can claim for their motor vehicle accident depends on various factors, including:

      • Level of injury
      • Age
      • Care required
      • Amount paid or will be paid out of own pocket
      • Things lost or will lose (wages)

      Upon identifying your injuries, you’ll have to see a doctor who will help you understand the impact accident has caused on your future career and lifestyle. You also have to visit a medical specialist who will mention the injuries in a report to support your motor vehicle accident claim.  

        What To Do After A Car Accident

        What you do after a Motor Vehicle Accident can affect what you can recover when you claim compensation for injuries or damages. Immediately after a motor vehicle accident, you should take the following steps:

        • Collect information from those involved in the accident and who witnessed the accident.
        • Seek medical attention immediately.
        • If it is possible, advise the police of your accident. If you are unable to report the accident immediately to the police, you should do so as soon as you are able to (if the police do not attend the scene).

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        How Long After a Motor Vehicle Accident Can You Claim QLD?

        There is a strict time limit to lodge a compensation claim. Individuals must lodge the claim within 9 months of the actual date of the accident or one month of consulting a motor vehicle accident solicitor. If you miss the time limit, you have to explain the reason for the delay and lodge your claim accordingly. If you don’t start the legal proceedings within 3 years from the date of the accident, you may lose all your rights to claim the compensation. Additionally, get in touch with experienced personal injury lawyers for further information and assistance on motor vehicle accident claim compensation.

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