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Being involved in any kind of road accident or car crash can be a traumatic experience that affects both your physical and mental health. If you’ve been involved in any road or car crash and have suffered an injury due to the opposite person’s negligence, you are likely to be eligible for a car accident claim. Our Brisbane-based car accident lawyers can assist you throughout the claim process and ensure successful compensation.
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According to The Motor Accident Insurance Commission, the most common type of road and car accidents in QLD are multiple vehicle accidents, which make up almost 50% of all accidents. In such cases, claiming compensation can be challenging and stressful. Fortunately, Queensland road users can protect themselves from a car accident injury by claiming compensation through the CTP scheme.
Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance covers all vehicles being driven on the road and requires vehicle registration. All Queensland road users are covered under the CTP scheme, including:

Vehicle driver not at fault (car, van, and truck drivers)

Vehicle passengers (even those who are with at-fault drivers


Taxi and rideshare individuals involved in a crash.

Cyclists injured by a vehicle

E-scooter rider facing injury due to third-party negligence

Our team of skilled lawyers can guide you through the entire process and understand your case to offer sound legal advice.

Pedestrians injured by a vehicle

Contact a car accident lawyer to review your case for free and provide you with advice on the further claim procedure. We believe in a no-win,- agreement. If we lose, you don’t have to pay us anything.

CTP Claims Process

The following is an overview of the CTP claims process:

1. Complete & submit claim

2. Lodgement confirmation

3. Rehabilitation & Treatment

4. Liability assessment

5. Insurer obtains information

6. Injury

7. Claim negotiation

8. Claim settlement

QLD PI Lawyers can provide legal services and support, as our lawyers demonstrate extensive expertise in handling motor vehicle accident claims to help you navigate the CTP claims process.
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How Much Compensation Do You Receive for a Car Accident in Brisbane?

The value of a car accident compensation is tailored to the individual and the following circumstances they are dealing with. Rather than providing a particular lump sum allowance, Queensland has a common law system for car accident claims which differs from one circumstance to another. No two individuals will have the same injury at the same place. For instance, a trained surgeon may lose a finger during a car accident and cannot work due to the injury, resulting in derailed career. However, an office worker suffering from a similar injury may have to face only financial constraints. The individual assessment process in car accident compensation makes providing even general information on crash challenging and complex. According to data recorded by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, the average car accident compensation – based on individual injury category – is:

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For minor injuries

For moderate injuries

For serious injuries

For severe injuries

For critical injuries

To determine the possible compensation you may receive for your claim, always speak to a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. The time limit may change and impact your right to claim. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer at an early stage will ensure the protection of your rights. Our team of personal injury lawyers can provide their legal assistance with car accident compensation QLD and help determine the possible claim amount you may receive over your injury.

How long after a car accident can you claim Brisbane?

Car accidents are unfortunately common in Queensland and thousands are injured due to the negligence of the driver or at-fault third party. When injured due to someone else’s driving negligence, individuals can claim car accident compensation. There is a three-year time limit for initiating a compensation process when suffering from injury. However, individuals must commence their claim procedure as soon as possible to avoid delay.
While individuals have three years to proceed with a compensation claim, they have to abide by the legal time limit and inform the at-fault third party about the car accident. The shortest time limits are:
If you’re injured in a hit-and-run accident, you can still claim compensation from the Nominal Defendant. Suppose you cannot identify the at-fault drive. In this case, you must provide notice to the Nominal Defendant within three months of the claim process.

How long does the car accident claim process take?

The entire process can take a few months or even years depending on the given situation. Most of the time, the entire process concludes when the injured person has completely recovered. This is because judging the time of recovery and the final amount of medical bills can be hard. Rather than trying to accurately assess a claim, a professional lawyer will wait until your treatment is concluded. This helps in preventing any long-term repercussions from the injury or the possibility of permanent residual disability for the patient.
To ensure that we get you the proper and right compensation claim we ensure to asses the full entitlement claim that you deserve without unnecessarily dragging the case.


What you do after a car accident can affect what you can recover when you claim compensation for injuries or damages. Immediately after a motor vehicle accident, you should take the following steps:

  • Collect information from those involved in the accident and who witnessed the accident.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • If it is possible, advise the police of your accident. If you are unable to report the accident immediately to the police, you should do so as soon as you are able to (if the police do not attend the scene).

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If you were involved in the accident, you are entitled to a claim. This means that both passengers and drivers can make a vehicle accident claim.

However, there are time constraints for making compensation under the law. It is best to get in touch with a qualified lawyer if you have been in a car crash. This will ensure that you have a strong case to make a successful claim. A lawyer will also ensure that you are fairly compensated.

At QLD PI Lawyers, we understand the challenges and legal complexities a person experiences while applying for car accident claims. As a result, we continue to provide constant support to our clients at every step of the car accident claim procedure. We believe in the “No win, No fee” policy. If we lose, you don’t have to pay us anything. Our car accident lawyers simplify and explain all the crucial legal processes surrounding road injury claims to ensure you are aware of everything happening in your case.

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If you were in any way injured due to a car accident, then you are entitled to make a claim. However, the best way to get through the claim is with the assistance of a skilled lawyer. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and how much compensation you can claim.

They will understand your situation, diagnose it, arrange and submit all the documents on your behalf for a successful claim.

The amount of compensation that you may receive depends on multiple factors and your situation. While accessing the compensation you are entitled to, your lifestyle is taken into the consideration. The amount of compensation you receive is impacted by how your lifestyle has changed after your accident, which has left you unable to work for longer than three months.

To understand the amount you are entitled to receive and how you can claim it successfully contact us today. Our skilled lawyers at QLD PI have handled even the most complex and challenging cases. We can assist you and provide you with the best solution in your interest.

If you have been involved in a car accident in, it is best to seek assistance for a knowledgeable lawyer. Call us at 1800 960 256 or leave us an email at and we can assist you with every step of your claim process.

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