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We practice in motor Vehicle Accident claims and Workers Compensation. We aim to take the stress out of the complex world of personal injury legislation and the complex claim process to ensure our clients maximise the compensation they deserve.

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Accidents happen all the time in Brisbane. In many of these cases, victims suffer injuries and incur massive expenses for medical care. If you or a loved one have been in an accident, contact our personal injury lawyers in Brisbane. We can help you get fair compensation and protect your financial future!

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Sometimes the unexcepted can happen when you are on the road. If you have been in a non-fault accident and are injured, then you may be eligible to claim.

There are strict time limits that apply to making a claim.

Speak to our Motor Vehicle Accident lawyers as soon as possible after your injury by clicking on my contact box or calling us on 1800 960 256 for a free consultation.

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    Everyone hopes to make it through the workday safely and arrive home in one piece.

    However, sometimes an injury can disrupt a worker’s life and send them on a Workers Compensation Claims journey.

    A Queensland Workers Compensation claim assists workers who are injured at work, travelling between home and work, or on a break at work.

    There are strict time limits that apply to making a claim.

    Speak to our workers compensation lawyers as soon as possible after your injury by clicking on my contact box or calling us on 1800 960 256 for a free consultation.

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      Our Personal Injuries Lawyers Brisbane Can Help You

      QLD PI Lawyers has the legal knowledge and experience to successfully file different types of claims for you. These are some of our firm’s practice areas in personal injury.

      Motorbike Accidents

      Even if motorbikers drive carefully and wear helmets, they suffer serious injuries in collisions. In many cases, it will take a lawsuit to cover the cost of medical treatment. If you have been in a motorbike accident, we can claim against responsible parties such as negligent drivers or vehicle insurers.

      Workplace Injury Claims

      If you were injured while you were on the job at your workplace as a result of negligence, we can negotiate compensation on your behalf with the insurer.

      Car Accidents

      A collision or wreck can damage your vehicle and cause serious injuries. With our accident injury lawyers’ help, we can hold the guilty parties responsible.

      Slip And Fall Claims

      If you slipped and fell, your injuries may need medical care. We can find the parties who may be responsible for this and demand legal compensation from them.

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      FAQs About Filing Personal Injury Claims

      Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim?

      If you have suffered in a vehicular, industrial, or other similar accident, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. In these instances, you may have to choose between accepting a lump sum from the responsible parties, or filling a compensation claim for damages.

      Deciding which course of action to take will depend on the circumstances of your case. Talk to our personal injury lawyers to find out the best option for you.

      Can I File A Personal Injury Claim By Myself?

      Yes, but this is often not the best course of action. Many personal injury cases have legal complexities or details that are easy to miss, especially if you haven’t been trained to spot these issues. Improve the chances of successfully claiming compensation by hiring our seasoned lawyers for personal injury claims.

      How Long Will It Take To Handle A Personal Injury Claim?

      The length of each claim will depend on the circumstances of each case. There are different factors which can speed up its resolution or slow it down. Your recovery time from your injuries will also affect the length of this period.

      During your consultations with our lawyers, we will explain to you which factors in your unique case will determine when you will receive compensation.

      If I’ve Suffered Injuries In An Accident, What Can I Claim For?

      Depending on the circumstances of your injuries, you can claim compensation for the following things:

      • loss of income
      • pain and suffering
      • cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation
      • loss of future income or earning capacity
      • travelling and other out-of-pocket expenses
      • housing and vehicular modifications

      This is by no means an exclusive list of what can be claimed in a personal injury suit. Contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation, so we can better assess what you are rightfully entitled to!

      How Much Will It Cost Me To File A Personal Injury Claim?

      If you hire QLD PI Lawyers, it will depend on the outcome. We are no win, no fee personal injury lawyers. Until we successfully secure your compensation, you won’t have to worry about paying us professional fees. If you want to gauge the potential success of filing a claim, you can visit our office for a free consultation.

      Will I Have To Appear In Court?

      This will depend on your case’s circumstances. Every personal injury claim can be taken to court, but in the vast majority of cases, these claims are settled outside.

      Why Choose QLD PI Lawyers?

      Many Brisbane lawyers shy away from handling personal claims that don’t involve serious injuries. Others will do so, but will charge a hefty fee that will put a big dent in your finances. This won’t be the case when you hire QLD PI Lawyers to file a claim for you!

      Our personal injury law firm has a no win, no fee policy, and we will handle your case regardless of the degree of your injuries. That means if we lose, you don’t have to pay us anything. That’s how confident we are in the skills and experience of our lawyers.

      We also exert every possible effort to lighten the load on our clients’ shoulders. We simplify and explain the necessary legal processes so you’re always aware of what’s happening in your case. We respond to clients with empathy and respect, so you can rest assured that you have dedicated, caring legal expertise.

      QLD PI Lawyers is a division of WKB Lawyers Pty Ltd.

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