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A Guide On Whether Your Driving Record May Affect Your Injury Claim?

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All individuals, whether passengers or drivers involved in relevant automobile accidents could potentially play a role in the victim’s compensation claim. This information could act as either helpful or disadvantageous to your claim. It could be irrelevant but it is important to remember that the responsibility of insurance companies are to either dismiss or subvert your claim by trying to use any information against you.

Our experienced car accident lawyers situated in Brisbane are prepared to guide you through the legal process following these accidents. We align the at-fault driver’s driving record with your personal case to see if it acts as helpful information to further deciphering the result of your claim. Simultaneously, we understand insurance company policies and how they may try to challenge or deny your claims, whether it’s as irrelevant as previous traffic fines or accidents.. Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

When Should You Provide Your Driving History?

We strongly recommend that you provide your motor vehicle accident lawyers with all relevant information to your case as soon as possible. This prepares your lawyer to be ready with all sufficient information regarding your case and to refute any arguments the opposing insurance companies might throw at you.

You as a client will share a relationship with our lawyers that ensures your discussions are kept confidential with each other. This enables our lawyers to construct better knowledge of your claim and to form a solid case for guaranteed reimbursement. We assure you that we are reliable listeners with whatever information you decide to share with us.

Are You Required To Reveal The Information?

The stage of your lawsuit determines whether you are legally required to disclose your driving record with anyone else. If you are still trying to reach an agreement with the insurance company, you are under no obligation to reveal any information irrelevant to the accident and your present ailments.

However, if you have filed a lawsuit seeking damages, you may be obliged to submit your driving record and other information regarding this process. Our lawyers are equipped to assist you in responding to interrogatories and depositions.

What Impact Will Your Driving Record Have On Your Claim?

If you’ve been driving for a long time, chances are you’ve been involved in at least one accident or been ticketed under a form of traffic infringement.

The insurance company will attempt to justify your injuries related to your current claim to a previous accident that is listed on your record so that they are not held financially accountable. There is also a tendency for them to base your traffic citations or accidents listed on your driving record as a history of reckless driving. Despite current cases with  pre-existing injuries from a previous accident posing challenges for us, we make it possible. Due to the eggshell skull regulation, victims involved in impact car accidents with already existing injuries prior to incident are still eligible to seek compensation.

Other more significant blemishes on your driving record, such as DUI arrests or driving with a suspended license may be more difficult to overcome however. You still have the right to seek compensation for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Our accident injury lawyers are prepared to evaluate all legal options accessible to you and to develop a solid case to assist you in recovering the money you require.

 We Can Assist You

With many years of combined expertise assisting accident victims and an impressive, successful tracking record, our lawyers at QLD PI Lawyers are here to assist you in obtaining the compensation you require for your medical costs, lost earnings, and other damages.