A Guide On If Driving Record May Affect Your Injury Claim?

All participants involved in an automobile accident driving records may be significant to the victim’s compensation claim. This information may be useful or detrimental to your claim, or it may be irrelevant and part of the responsible insurance company’s efforts to deny or undervalue your claim.

Our experienced car accident lawyers situated in Brisbane are ready to guide you through the legal process following a vehicle accident. We can see if the at-fault driver’s driving record can help your case. We also understand how to handle insurance companies attempts to use your driving record against you to deny or undervalue your claim, even if previous incidents or traffic fines are irrelevant. We’ll go over how your driving record, as well as the negligent driver’s record, may impact the result of your claim. Some of the questions are listed below.


When Should You Provide Your Driving History?

It is usually a good idea to provide your motor vehicle accident lawyers with all the information that may be relevant to your case as soon as feasible. In this manner, your lawyer will be ready for whatever information that the liable insurance company may discover about you. You don’t want your lawyer to be caught off guard by something on your driving record and not have a case prepared.

Remember that the lawyer-client privilege requires your lawyer to keep most discussions between you secret. This enables lawyers to have a better knowledge of a claim and construct a solid case for reimbursement. And we assure you that you may put your faith in us with whatever information you share.


Will You Be Required To Reveal The Information?

The stage of your lawsuit determines whether you are legally required to divulge your driving record. If you are still attempting to reach an agreement with the insurance company, you may be under no obligation to reveal any information irrelevant to the accident and your present ailments.

However, if you have filed a lawsuit seeking damages, you may be obliged to submit your driving record and other facts during the discovery process. Our lawyers are equipped to assist you in responding to interrogatories and depositions.


What Impact Will Your Driving Record Have On Your Claim?

If you’ve been driving for a long time, chances are you’ve been part of at least one accident or been ticketed for some form of traffic infringement.

The insurance company will try to prove that the injuries for which you are pursuing a claim were caused by a previous accident on your record, and so they should not be held financially accountable. While proving a case with pre-existing injuries from a previous accident may be more challenging, it is not impossible. Because of the eggshell skull rule, crash victims whose injuries have been compounded by a subsequent accident may still be eligible to seek compensation.

Furthermore, the insurer may try to argue that earlier accidents you caused or traffic citations on your record prove you have a history of reckless driving. They will try to use that reasoning to blame you, at least in part, for the accident.

Other more significant blemishes on your driving record, such as a DUI arrest or driving while your licence is suspended, may be more difficult to overcome, but you have the right to seek compensation for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Our accident injury no win no fee lawyers are prepared to evaluate all legal options accessible to you and to develop a solid case to assist you in recovering the money you require.


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